2022An immersive listening experience of the Tagus’ wetland ecosystem Commissioned by Sónar+D Lisboa, curated by Antònia FolgueraHub Criativo do Beato, Lisboa Sponsor Adam AudioThanks to Associação dos Beneficiários da Lezíria Grande de Vila Franca de Xira Wetland is a multichannel audio installation that spatialises environmental sounds recorded in the Tagus Estuary Natural Reserve, the most […]

Aural Forest

2021-20223D audio installation & performance Field work at Mata da Albergaria, GerêsSeptember 2021 to June 2022 Aural forest is an immersive 3D audio installation, of wildlife soundscapes of the Mata da Albergaria in Gerês mountain.The project crosses the fields of music, sound art, bioacoustics applied to well-being, spatial acoustics and 3D audio technology. A spatial […]


CRESSON Masterclasses and Practical Field Works, Grenoble, France.

Simbioses e Geometrias

Simbioses e Geometrias é uma co-criação que cruza arte sonora, performance músical e acusmática, ecologia acústica e bioacústica. Experimentam-se relações entre o som ambiental de lugares específicos da Serra do Gerês e a sonoridade de instrumentos acústicos. Enquanto que Cláudia Martinho realizou gravações multi-canal com vários tipos de microfones na Mata da Albergaria, e criou […]

2027 Plantas

2020Concerto para 2027 Plantas, Theatro Circo – Braga’27, Altice Arena, Braga, Portugal. Instalação sonora imersiva com 2027 plantas, para o evento de lançamento de candidatura de Braga a Capital Europeia da Cultura 2027. Sons gravados durante perfomance ao vivo da instalação, com biofeedback em plantas, edição e composição para vídeo. Imagens e Edição: Nuno Beira.

Symbiosis and Geometries

2020Location recordings, performance and spatial sound installation, Gerês/Xures UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Portugal. Symbiosis and Geometries is a long term evolutive co-creation based in location recordings at Gerês/Xures UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, embracing sound art, musical and acoustic performance, acoustic ecology and bioacoustics. It experiments with relationships between the environmental sound of specific places in Serra do […]

In Girum

2020Spatial sound installation Commissioned by Dar a Ouvir, Convento de São Francisco, Coimbra, Portugal.Exhibition from July 11 to September 6 2020 The sound installation In Girum evokes the spirit of the place and the cosmovision of the Cloister of São Francisco, with the geometry of its four galleries coordinated with the four cardinal points and […]

Extinction Calls

2020Spatial sound installationListening as a mode of reconnecting with the environment Commissioned by maat – museum of art, architecture and technology, Lisbon, Portugal.June 10 2020 to January 16 2021 While environments are radically altered by humans, ecosystems are highly affected. Biodiversity loss is one of the major challenges of today. In response to human agency […]


Acoustic communication with plants, immersive installation and workshops. Lisboa Soa, Lisbon, Portugal.


Acoustic communication with plants and site-responsive resonant soundscape. gnration, Laboratorios de Verão, Noite Branca, Braga.


2019Site-responsive resonant soundscape. Gerês, Portugal Fraga is a project of Interpretation and performance of the archeological site of Calcedónia in Covide, in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Gerês, Portugal. Fraga is a site-responsive resonant soundscape, activated by the natural acoustics of a narrow 150 meters long passage way, in-between granite megaliths. This unusual space was […]

Invisible Places

Article on the proceedings of Invisible Places Symposium, Sound Urbanism and Sense of Place, Sao Miguel, Azores.

Archaeoacoustics III

International Conference on the Archaeology of Sound. Paper: Aural Architecture: Experience, Resonance and Attunement


Resonant soundscape and temporary autonomous zome.
Lisboa Soa, Estufa Fria, Lisbon, Portugal.