Cláudia Teixeira Martinho · Resonance Arts

I’m an artist and researcher based in Soajo mountain, part of Gerês/Xurez biosphere reserve in Portugal.

I’ve been experimenting with environmental sound and places’ acoustics, particularly interested in its power to connect, relate, and expand our senses, mind and consciousness. Using my body as my main tool, my practice is site-relational and usually involves intensive periods of field research, of walking, listening and spending time in landscapes or places with particular resonance in me.

At the moment, I’m experimenting with the power of voice, incantation, poliphony and archaeoacoustics to connect with a landscape and its invisible dimensions (the spirit of place, el duende, elementals).

In my artworks I create spatial sound installations, compositions and performances to reveal through sound that which cannot be seen, to enhance the vibratory qualities and essences of places, the presence of water and wildlife, in relation with human activities and disturbances.
I also guide circles of people in resonance experiences with their bodies and places, such as field trips, immersive walks and tone singing with particular landscapes acoustics.

Both artworks and circles result in immersive experiences of presence and conscious listening, to expand our perceptive fields, to engage with active ways of communicating with a place and all its beings. The purpose is to reconnect to our multi-dimensional sensory body and environment, to value biodiversity, and to be aware how different vibratory qualities shape our behaviour and affect our well being. My aim is to create encounters for more intimate relationships between humans, non-humans and phenomena, to regenerate and balance our interconnection in the web of life.