Cláudia Martinho is an artist and researcher based in Soajo mountain, part a biosphere reserve in Portugal. With a background in architecture, she is particularly interested in listening, recording and creating with environmental sound and acoustics, for its transformational power in the expansion of senses and consciousness. Her practice is site-relational and usually involves intensive periods of field research and location recording. She creates spatial sound installations, compositions and performances to reveal through sound that which cannot be seen, to enhance the vibratory qualities and essences of places, the presence of water and wildlife, in relation with human activities. Works result in immersive and extended listening experiences, for a deep connection with the environment.
Projects presentations include: ‘Sónar+D Lisboa’ (Lisbon, PT), ‘TSONAMI Festival de Arte Sonoro’ (Valparaíso, CL), ‘sounds now – sound art in public spaces’ November Music (Den Bosch, NL), maat – museum of art, architecture and technology (Lisbon, PT), gnration (Braga, PT), ‘Invisible Places: Sound, Urbanism and Sense of Place’ symposium (Azores, PT), ‘Lisboa Soa – sound art, urbanism and auditory culture’ (Lisbon, PT), ‘Archaeoacoustics III International Conference’ (Tomar, PT), ‘Tuned City – between sound and space speculations’ (Berlin, DE). She is co-editor of the anthology ‘Site of Sound: of Architecture and the Ear – Vol. 2’ and was co-curator of ‘evento’ Bordeaux Biennale of Art in Public Space. As part of the collective Moving Cause, she has been inciting artistic, educational and ecological activities in Soajo mountain (PNPG, PT). She was a researcher of the project AUDIRE – Audio Repository: saving sonic-based memories, University of Minho, PT.


2019. Practiced-based Ph.D. in Music – Sonic Arts (Unit for Sound Practice Research), Goldsmiths, University of London, United Kingdom. Thesis title: Aural Architecture Practice. Creative Approaches for an Ecology of Affect. Supervision by Professor John Levack Drever and Dr Iris Garrelfs. Fellowship by the Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal.
2018. Traditional Feng Shui practicioner (advanced), by the Instituto Europeu de Estudos Tradicionais Chineses, Porto, Portugal (2014-2018).
2018. XIII Ensemble Training Course of Musical Improvisation with Communities, Casa da Musica, Porto, Portugal (2017-2018).
2015. Sound therapy with bowls and gongs, by the Peter Hess Academy, Portugal (2014-2015).
2007. Master of Science and Technology in Architectural and Urban Acoustics, by Sorbonne University, co-program with Université Pierre et Marie Curie, IRCAM and Ecole d’Architecture Paris La Seine, France.
2001. Architect by the Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto, Portugal.

2022. Wetland. 8 channels immersive audio installation. Sonar+D Lisboa, Portugal.
2022. Biosfera Sonora. Environmental sound installation. Campo do Gerês, Portugal.
2021. Agua Libre. Environmental sound composition. Radio diffusion in TSONAMI – XV Festival de Arte Sonoro, Chile.
2021. Liminal. Spatial sound installation and durational composition. Sounds Now – Sound Art in Public Spaces, November Music, Serre of Verkadefabriek, Den Bosch, The Netherlands.
2021. De Beja ao Guadiana. Performance. Artistic residency Futurama – Baixo Alentejo’s Cultural and Artistic Ecosystem, Beja.
2021. Gerês Biosphere Reserve Dawn Chorus. Live streaming in Reveil, Sound Tent, Dawn Chorus Day.
2020. Concert for 2027 Plants. Performance with plants. Braga’27, oficial presentation of Braga as a candidate from the European Capital of Culture 2027, Altice Arena, Braga.
2020. In Girum. Spatial sound installation. Dar a Ouvir, Convento de São Francisco, Coimbra.
2020-2021. Extinction Calls. Soundscape installation. maat – museum of art, architecture and technology, Lisbon.
2020. Symbiosis and Geometries. Spatial sound installation and performance. Artistic residency with Luís Alberto Bittencourt, at Mata da Albergaria, Gerês.
2019. Oneiric Gardens. Collective installation Sounds from the Garden. Multi-speaker diffusion programme. Horniman Museum, London.
2019. Symbiotic Real. Audiovisual exhibition. Breaking Boundaries: Academia, Activism and the Arts, University of Lisbon, Portugal.
2019. Simbioses. Soundscape installation. Lisboa Soa – Sound Art, Urbanism and Auditory Culture, Lisbon, Portugal.
2019. Biofeedback. Soundscape installation. gnration, Noite Branca, Braga UNESCO Creative City, Portugal.
2019. Garranas: Cantares da Serra. Performance. Eco-festival Terra Mãe, Fafe.
2019. Duirs. Soundscapes installation. Floresta e Paisagem Nativa. Tanta Terra Festival of Landscape Art, Paço de Lanheses, Portugal.
2019. Multi-dimensional Soundwalk. Soundscape co-creation. Villeneuve field works, CRESSON – Centre for research on sound space and urban environment, Grenoble, France.
2017. Shores. Soundscape installation. Ponta Delgada harbour, Invisible places: Sound Urbanism and Sense of Place, São Miguel, Açores, Portugal.
2017. Passagem. Soundscape installation. Lisboa Soa – Sound Art, Urbanism and Auditory Culture, Lisbon, Portugal.

PUBLICATIONS (selection)
Martinho, Claudia; Paymal, Noemi. Geometry, Consciousness and Architecture for Educational Environments. La Paz, Bolivia: Educatiooon 3000. 2019.
Book chapter
Martinho, Cláudia. “Aural Architecture: Experience, Resonance and Attunement“. In Archaeoacoustics III – The Archaeology of Sound. United States: OTS, 2018.
Martinho, Claudia. “Shores“. In Invisible Places. Sound Urbanism and Sense of Place, São Miguel Island, Azores, 2017.
Martinho, Claudia; Mathieu Herbelin. “Radio Sonores”. In Sound Space Signal. Guimarães European Capital of Culture, Portugal, 2011.
Martinho, Claudia. “Relational architecture through listening”. In Site of Sound: Of Architecture and the Ear. Berlin, Germany: Errant Bodies Press, 2011.
Martinho, Claudia; Bureau des Mesarchitectures; Van Assche, Christine. “Acoustic Spaces for Sound Art”. In Update_3 / Body Sound, 41-45. Belgium: New Media Department of Centre Pompidou and Liedts-Messen Foundation, 2010.
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Martinho, Claudia; Bureau des Mesarchitectures; Van Assche, Christine. “Fiction Vs. Reality”. In Ida e Volta: Ficção e Realidade, 46-52. Portugal: Centre Pompidou New Media Collection, France and CAMJAP – Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, 2007.
Edited book
Martinho, Claudia; LaBelle, Brandon. Site of Sound: of Architecture and the Ear, Vol. 2. Berlin, Germany: Errant Bodies Press. 2011.
Journal article
Oliveira, Maria Madalena; Martinho, Claudia. “Once you start listening to the world you are dealing with life.”. Interview with Hildegard Westerkamp. Lusophone Journal of Cultural Studies 8 1 (2021).
Magazine article
Martinho, Claudia. “Arquitectura Acústica. In: Mapa de Jovens Práticas Espaciais”, Arquitectura 21 (A21), 2010.
Martinho, Claudia; Moreira, Inês. “Dossier Evento 2009: Encontros Performativos – Intimo e Colectivo”, Revista arq/a, 2009.

2022. Rivers and Oceans: a conversation with Filipa Bessa and Cláudia Martinho. Sónar Lisboa, Portugal.
2021. Environmental Sound Installations. Talk (guest speaker). Som Desorganizado, Sonoscopia, Porto, Portugal.
2021. Resonant environments: Architecture, Places, Ecosystems. Conference (guest speaker). ART / THOUGHT / SOUND – KNOWING THROUGH SOUND, Open Classes 2020-21, School of Arts UCP, Porto.
2020. Soundscapes and Public Space Interventions. Conference (guest speaker). X Cycle of Conferences ECATI Museum Colection Berardo, CCB, Lisbon.
2019. Architecture, Geometry and Consciousness: Co-creating Learning Spaces with the Ecosystems. Conference (guest speaker). Architecture 3000 and Universal Geometry 10th International Symposium, Fafe, Portugal.
2019. Performing Soundscapes: Sustainable Approaches to Intangible Heritage towards an Ecological Transition. Hidden Archives, Hidden Practices, Aveiro University, Portugal.
2019. Soundscapes, Architecture and Territory Regeneration. EJI PATER, 2nd Young Researchers Meeting in Heritage and Territory Studies, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal.
2019. Soundscapes in Architecture Practice: Creative and Sustainable Approaches. International Colloquium Soundscapes: Heritage, History, Artistic Territories and Sound Archeology, Braga, Portugal.
2018. Sound and Architecture: Space as Resonator. Conference (guest speaker). Sound | Architekturen Seminar, Audiovisual research on materials / Art and Media studies, KHM – Academy for Media Arts Cologne, Germany.
2018. Resonant Architecture. Conference (guest speaker)Architecture 3000 and Universal Geometry 9th International Symposium, Sicily, Italy.
2017. Experience, Resonance, Attunement. Presentation. In: Archaeoacoustics III International Conference, Tomar, Portugal.
2017. Shores. Artist talks, Invisible places: Sound Urbanism and Sense of Place, São Miguel, Açores, Portugal.
2017. Acoustic Ecology in Learning Spaces. Architecture 3000 and Universal Geometry 8th International Symposium, Bolivia.
2016. Exploring Aural Architecture. Artists talks, Women In Sound Women On Sound: Sound Education Experience. Goldsmiths, University of London, UK.

WORKSHOPS (selection)
2022. Práticas de Arte Sonora e Ecologia Acústica na Educação Ambiental Criativa. Circuito, Braga Media Arts. gnration, Braga.
2021. A Escuta das Plantas. Circuito, Braga Media Arts. Bosque do Mosteiro de Tibães.
2020. Sound art co-creation. Art Lab, maat – museum of art, architecture and technology, Lisbon.
2020. Acoustic communication with plants. Museu dos Biscainhos. Organized by Circuito: Braga Media Arts Educational Service, Braga.
2019. Sound, Light, Geometry. Architecture 3000 and Universal Geometry 10th International Symposium, Fafe.
2019. Acoustic communication with plants. Lisboa Soa – Sound Art, Urbanism and Auditory Culture, Lisbon.
2018. Universal Geometry. Architecture 3000 and Universal Geometry 9th International Symposium, Sicily.
2018. Sacred Geometry with children. Boom Festival, Idanha-a-Nova.
2018. Sacred Geometry. Eco-festival Terra Mãe, Fafe, Portugal, July 2018.
2018. Sound and Architecture: Space as Resonator. Sound | Architekturen Seminar, Art and Media studies, KHM – Academy for Media Arts Cologne.
2018. Spectrum: Music Communication through the Autism Spectrum. With the XIII Ensemble Training Course of Musical Improvisation with Communities of Casa da Musica and APPDA Norte (Portuguese Association for Developmental Disorders and Autism), artistic direction by Duncan Chapman and Sam Mason, Casa da Musica, Porto.
2017. Music Communication in a Circle. With the XIII Ensemble Training Course of Musical Improvisation with Communities of Casa da Musica and the community of women from Custoias Prison, artistic direction by Sam Mason and Tim Steiner, Custoias Prison, Porto.
2017. Soundwalk and field recording, Invisible Places, Architecture University, Ponta Delgada, Azores.

2022. Artistic Residency at Rural Vivo, Campo do Gerês.
2022. Artistic residency at The Beekeepers, Castro Marim.
2021. Artistic residency Futurama – Ecossistema Cultural e Artístico do Baixo Alentejo, Beja, PT.
2020. Award Wildlife Sound Recording Society, Species category runner up, annual competition, UK.
2020. Artistic residency Gerês Biosphere, Gerês mountain, PT.
2019. Grant Direção Geral das Artes ‘Apoio à Criação 2019’, project Symbiosis and Geometries.
2019. Grant Direção Geral das Artes ‘Apoio à Programação e Desenvolvimento de Públicos 2019’, with Rural Vivo! cultural association.
2019. Grant Direção Geral das Artes ‘Apoio Simplificado 2019’.
2019. Grant Gulbenkian Foundation ‘Visual Arts 2019’.
2019. Award Fundação Bracara Augusta ‘Laboratórios de Verão 2019’.
2019. Artistic residency Laboratorios de Verão at gnration, Braga, PT.
2019. Artistic residency Floresta e Paisagem Nativa, Landscape Festival Tanta Terra, Paço de Lanheses, PT.
2017. Artistic residency Rural Vivo, Campo do Gerês, Portugal.
2017. Artistic residency Invisible places: Sound Urbanism and Sense of Place, São Miguel, Açores, Portugal.
2017. Research Grant, Graduate School, Goldsmiths University of London, England.
2017. Research Grant, Music Department, Goldsmiths University of London, England.
2012. Artistic residency Construir Juntos, Curatorial Lab, Guimarães Capital of Culture 2012, Portugal.
2011-2014. PhD Research Fellowship FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology.

2020. Rural Vivo! Artistic Residencies and Encounter of Arts, Ecology and Ruralities. Artistic direction. Campo do Gerês, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Gerês, Portugal.
2019. 10th International Symposium of Architecture 3000 Research Network. Co-organisation and programming. Quinta do Minhoto, Fafe, Portugal.
2018. 9th International Symposium of Architecture 3000 Research Network, Co-organisation and programming. Urban Future Organization, Sicily, Italy. Participants: Noemi Paymal (France, Bolivia), Claudio Lucchesi (Italy), Claudia Martinho (Portugal), Takaharu Tesuka (Japan), Prakash Nair (USA), ZeMarc – Michael Rice (Ireland) and Zana Zu (Slovakia), Cosme Espinoza (Mexico), Chavi Gupta (India).
2009. evento. Co-curator and moderator of public gatherings. Biennial of Public Art, Bordeaux, France. Participants: Peter Cook, Joseph Grimma, muf architecture/art, Sam Jacob/FAT, Anne Querrien, among others.
2009. Architectones #2 – conference on sound, art and architecture. Co-mediator. La Saline Arc-et- Sénans, France. Participants: Grégoire Chelkoff, Seth Cluett, Raviv Ganchrow, Phill Niblock, Colin Ripley, Edwin van der Heide, among others.
2006-2011. Infra, irregular series of sound events for the exploration of imperceptible phenomena, Paris, and Porto with Soopa.

Maria João Ferreira, Listening With collective (with Alex De Little, Nik Forrest, Martyna Poznanska, Yifeat, Jacob Eriksen, Walker Tufts), Rural Vivo!, Cantadeiras de São João do Campo, Garranas – Cantadeiras da Serra, Luís Alberto Bittencourt, Mathieu Herbelin, Didier Faustino, PIF, Noemi Paymal, Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, Filipe Silva, SOOPA, Oficina ARARA, Brandon LaBelle, Jean-Baptiste Bayle, La Quadrature du Net, Nicolas Hugoo, Inês Moreira, Paulo Mendes, Emmanuel Hubaut,…
2020-2022 – AUDIRE: saving sonic-based memories (researcher)
2017-2019 – Educatiooon 3000 / Architecture 3000 Research Network
2011 – Drone Ensemble, performance project, Porto, Portugal
2011 – Srosh Ensemble, performance project, Porto, Portugal
2009-11 – VLF~UHF: time warp and space loop experiences, sonic improvisation, Paris, France
2000-02 / 2006-11 – Bureau des Mesarchitectures, Paris, France.
2004 – Acconci Studio, New York, USA
2003-04 – Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York, USA