Archaeoacoustics III

International Conference on the Archaeology of Sound
Paper: Aural Architecture: Experience, Resonance and Attunement
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This research project aimed to established connections between aural architecture and archaeoacoustics. It explored a methodology to create ancient acoustic effects nowadays, and to study the human affective experience of it. The project experimented the design of aural architecture as a communication channel through the language of vibration, to open up a gaping moment in spacetime and a resonant dialogue between inside and outside worlds, or what has been described as mind-body experiences. The methodology included techniques of sensory variation and resonant design based in energetic geometry. It addressed a qualitative study of the affective experience of acoustic phenomena, which is less developed than quantitative study and would benefit from further experimentation. The experiment created a public experience of resonance and attunement, to observe its results with a survey.

In: Proceedings of Archaeoacoustics III International Conference, Tomar, Portugal, 2017.
Explore a dimension of human experience that has been considered irretrievable. The ancient world was not silent! In songs to their gods, laments for their dead, celebration, performance and the universal human quest for the supernatural, ancient civilizations developed far more than artwork and monuments. Reversing the traditional conventions of specialization, scholars and researchers from a range of professional viewpoints look at the subject of Archaeoacoustics on an international scale. This third volume in the series presents new research, updates & expansions on earlier presented work, methodology, interpretation, opinion, instruction and just plain food for thought. Archaeologists, Anthropologists, Architects, Ethnomusicologists, Sound Engineers and more… Contributors include: Fernando Coimbra, Apela Colorado, Paul Devereux, Paolo Debertolis, Zorana Djordjevic, Dragos Gheorghiu, Annie Goh, Nicholas Green, Anne Habermehl, Keith Harvey, Alvin Holm, Ryan Hurd, Torill Christine Lindstrom, Iren Lovasz, Maria Cristina Manzetti, Claudia Martinho, Sarah McCann, Magdalena Ohrman, Vincent C. Paladino, Iegor Reznikoff, Etienne Safa, Christiaan Sterken, Katya Stroud, Hyun Soo Suh, Natalia Tarabella, Shea Michael Trahan, Matthew Tucker, Nelia Valverde, M.P. Saez-Perez, Michelle Walker, Steven J. Waller, Ezra Zubrow.
The OTS Foundation for Neolithic Studies

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