Acoustic encounters with plants and site-responsive resonant soundscape

Developed in artistic residency at gnration, in Laboratorios de Verão (August 19-30 2019).
The project was awarded a grant from Fundação Bracara Augusta.
Presented at Noite Branca, Braga UNESCO Creative City, Portugal (September 6-8, 2019)

Biofeedback was an immersive sound installation for an experience of communication with the plant world and connection with environmental rhythms variations. This encounter appealed to the importance of valuing our interaction and symbiotic relationship with the primary sensory environment. Through sensors of electrical impulses of plants and field recordings, soundscapes were created in real time, spatialized and modulated in resonance with the architectural space of gnration’s inner courtyard. This research and experimentation lies at the crossroads of sound art, architecture, acoustics and ecoacoustics. It aims to point out modes of designing ambiances and spatial experiences in which technologies can be creative means to perceive the subtle of reality, to expand our perceptive spectrum, as a way to develop a sensible intelligence to communicate in direct and conscious ways with the environment.


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