Multi-temporal soundwalk

CRESSON Masterclasses and Practical Field Works, Grenoble, France.

Collaborative field work and research project with architects, geographers, urban planners, sound engineers.

Topics: Innovative qualitative methodologies for exploring the sensory and sound experience: from the approach to the design tool; Ambiances, soundscapes and communities.

Role: soundwalking, binaural recording, soundscape design.

Results: created a soundscape representation of the territory of Villeneuve community, Grenoble; developed new method to account on ambiance variations of the same path in different time lapses.

The ideas experimented in this field work included:

  • Three approaches to ambiance: the unfolding of an ambiance, the situating within an ambiance; the tuning into an ambiance (Jean-Paul Thibaud)
  • Three levels of work on the relationship between space, movement and sound: articulations, limits, inclusions (Grégoire Chelkoff)

Recorded with binaural technique, using DPA 4060 stereo omnidirectional microphones. Listen with headphones for an immersive experience.

Besides the field work, the CRESSON Masterclass included the following support program:

CRESSON is a Centre for research on sound space and urban environment in Grenoble, France. Founded in 1979, originally focused on sound space. Since the 1990s, while maintaining its works on sound dimension, the scope of its investigations broadened to the multiple aspects regarding in situ perceptions of the urban experience. Light, sound, thermal, olfactory, tactile and kinaesthetic phenomena are discussed, as well as their relationship with ordinary and professional practices, thus setting the research foundations on the architectural and urban ambiances. In keeping with these considerations, nowadays, the work of CRESSON questions social, ecological, aesthetic, numerical, political and ethical issues regarding the ambiance theme.

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