An immersive listening experience of the Tagus’ wetland ecosystem

Commissioned by Sónar+D Lisboa, curated by Antònia Folguera
Hub Criativo do Beato, Lisboa
Sponsor Adam Audio
Thanks to Associação dos Beneficiários da Lezíria Grande de Vila Franca de Xira

Wetland is a multichannel audio installation that spatialises environmental sounds recorded in the Tagus Estuary Natural Reserve, the most important wetland of Portugal. This freshwater ecosystem, with ponds, ditches, agricultural fields and pastures, is the habitat for a huge diversity of avifauna species and for a great affluence of migratory birds, where they take refuge, feed and nest. Sustainable agroforestry and waters management is vital for its conservation and survival. Environmental organisations are warning to the serious threat of a new airport construction close to the area as it could irreversibly compromise one of Europe’s most important wetlands, with cross-border impacts.

The Wetland installation gives voice to this place. It creates a field of spatial sound for an immersive listening experience in the heart of the estuary’s soundscapes. This sonic environment expands our acoustic sensibility across skies and underwater, creating a sense of physical closeness and deep connection with this local ecosystem’s wildlife rhythms and tides. The experience invites to slow down, attune and resonate with its threatened biodiversity, while realising the already overwhelming pressure of infrasonic noise from airplanes.

Excerpt of the installation composition, decoded to binaural format. Listen with headphones for an immersive experience.

Location recordings documentation at the Tejo Estuary Natural Reserve

spectogram reveals the infrasonic noise of airplanes, already too invasive in the area

8 channels audio installation at the Hub Criativo do Beato, Lisboa

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