Symbiosis and Geometries

Location recordings, performance and spatial sound installation, Gerês/Xures UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Portugal.

Symbiosis and Geometries is a long term evolutive co-creation based in location recordings at Gerês/Xures UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, embracing sound art, musical and acoustic performance, acoustic ecology and bioacoustics. It experiments with relationships between the environmental sound of specific places in Serra do Gerês, and human creative processes in cooperation with its ecosystems and species. From this creative processes, the outcomes are performances, installations and workshops.

This first experiment was an electroacoustic performance and resulted from a collaboration with musician and researcher Luís Bittencourt. In this experiment we explored approaches to vibratory and musical characteristics based on the sound of places, such as spectra, resonance geometries and timbres, in a symbiotic relationship with the spatialised soundscapes. For this session, while Cláudia made multi-channel recordings with various types of microphones at Mata da Albergaria, and created spatialised soundscapes to evoke the spirit of the places and the beings that inhabit them, Luís conceived and built acoustic percussion eco-instruments from found materials, such as water, stones, wood, leaves, among others. The following is a recording from the live performance in Gerês, in a small wood.

Live performance at the event Rural Vivo! Campo do Gerês, Portugal, July 24 2020

Cláudia Martinho: location recordings at Gerês UNESCO Biosphere Reserve (wind, leaves, ants, water, birds, cicadas, frogs), percussion, minerals, water and effects
Luís Bittencourt: acoustic percussion eco-instruments from found materials, electroacoustic instruments, waterphone, water and effects

More here, minute 53:28

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