In Girum

Spatial sound installation

Commissioned by Dar a Ouvir, Convento de São Francisco, Coimbra, Portugal.
Exhibition from July 11 to September 6 2020

The sound installation In Girum evokes the spirit of the place and the cosmovision of the Cloister of São Francisco, with the geometry of its four galleries coordinated with the four cardinal points and with the four primary elements, which unify all aspects of being – the spiritual, the psychic, the corporal and the social.

Through a continuous, cyclical aural path around four interconnected soundscapes, the Cloister space is valued as a catalyst center, which enhances the revolving, meditative and contemplative movement, but also of relationship, communication, reconnection and transformation.

Four different soundscapes – water, insects and birds, frequencies and voice, silence – are spatially resonated with a psycho-acoustics specific to the Cloister galleries. Along the sound path, the act of rotating continuously around the center invites the unification of being. This resonant cyclic movement becomes a means of sensory attunement and acoustic sensibilisation towards a deep listening to multiple voices of a primordial memory, the four elements and the local biodiversity.

Binaural recording, recorded with DPA 4060 stereo omnidirectional microphones. For an immersive experience, please listen with headphones. Note: due to the specific acoustic spatialisation of the installation work, this experience could only be felt physically walking through the space of the Cloister. Therefore this recording is a documentation of the work but does not entirely translates the experience.

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